Monday, December 15, 2008

What there Egypt forts are made of.....!

The Egyptians had to fortresses on on the eastern frontier and the other the by the cataract. 36 feet high!! and 15 feet thick i mean thats really high the whole fortress was 15 million mud bricks !

In the forts there was usually about 2000 troops and 3000 civilians.
When an army would lay seige on a fort they would camp out side of the fort for long periods of time so they would cut off there water supply and make the other force give up.


The first great rivals with the Egyptians were the Mitanni ( sounds like a big group of losers ) and they were they got there butt handed to them by the Hittites crushed em. So when that happened the Hittites became Egyptians most dangerous enemys. As the Asyrians formed they seeked help from the Hittites to destroy Egypt, they fought and fought and fought and fought and fought and fought and fought....................................................and fought and fought and fought and fought.......................................and i don't know what happend.

EgYpTiAn ArMoR

Egyptians were equiped with large wicker sheilds ( there 1/2 of your body size =0) or wooden sheilds. Also they had heavy leather armor linen skirt (Like girls lol) and a padded helmet.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Egyptian Weapons & Ways of Attacking

Egyptians had daggers tucked in there belts, they had axes on there leg and a bow and quiver on there back. They aslo used chariots they had there ups and downs. The chariots were fast but very hard to shoot from. Just think about it riding in a chariot shooting arrows at an enemy wile its going FFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT

Short Sword
Long Sword
Khopesh-The pimped out sword above this
Flint headed arrows
Bronze headed arrows

Thursday, December 11, 2008


When Egypt concured lands they did not live there or make them change there customs or rule over them, they just made them pay tribute (tribute is when some one has to pay a sertian about to some one else every year, month, or 5 months the conquerer would make up they payment times). Sometimes Egyptians had to fight on the sea, there ships were make of wood planks. When some one fell out they would have to be helped out by some one with an ore, they would reach it down into the water and pull them up. If they took long then they might get ate'n by crocs

What did the egyptians use for protection or armor? =)

What were 3 weapons egyptians used?

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